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I’m Giving Up Nothing for Lent

Rising from the ashes - still crazy after all these years? (with credit to Paul Simon)  I found this blog post from 5 years ago - interesting to reflect on how much has changed - writing this in France, in our dream home, for one thing - how much is the same - the actions I was choosing then I choose now, so perhaps they are perennials which keep life moving and us growing. And, yes, definitely still crazy, and delighted to be … [Learn More...]


Workshops, Training & Talks

  An accomplished, informative and entertaining public speaker, Christine has delivered over 500 workshops and talks to international audiences ranging from 20 to 2,000, on a range of topics within the personal and business growth subject area including:   The Changing Landscape of Conscious Leadership Empathy, Caring & Compassion in Organisations Love at Work - the impact on performance and profit Leading with … [Read More...]