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How to achieve better social media presence

How to Manage Your Social Media Presence for Better Business Results

Solving your digital identity crisis….


The speed with which new social networks and media keep popping up is enough to make your head spin and your thoughts reel, and if you’re anything like me, as a passionate people person, you join these new entities out of curiosity and the wish to stay ahead and be connected.

Fill in the profile, have a look around and then … well, most of them languish unattended, and even remembering where you have a presence let alone the passwords and user names for all these sites is a real challenge.

I know I should neatly and carefully record all my digital identities in one place – and some I do, but sometimes, well, real life gets in the way and I find myself scrabbling through emails to find the login and membership details when something brings that site back into my awareness.

Just How Many Networks and Sites?

An audit showed me that I am on close to 50 different social media, networking or activity measurement sites, and I am sure there are more than a few long-forgotten ones lurking somewhere in my net history! Some have likely faded or disappeared, or been reborn in another form, and will remain in the hinterlands of my web-connected life – unless they don’t…

Different types of networks, with different people with diverse interests, from business to spirituality, art to quantum physics and much more. Confusing, and awkward, sometimes,  to know how to best connect with the rich array before me.

The Web of Life

A few months ago, I joined XeeMe. I added my social presences, just the obvious ones like Linked In, Facebook, GooglePlus, Twitter, Ecademy, my blogs and websites…then I left it untouched. Late last week, something triggered my interest – I think it was a mention of how powerful XeeMe was in propelling his social media profile forwards and upwards by Michael Q. Todd, which I picked up in my Facebook stream. I went to have a look and found myself enthused by the possibilities and the power of what XeeMe had to offer. I began to ‘get’ the purpose that drives the platform.  I quote: “XeeMe is NOT “yet another network”, we are all overwhelmed with networks. XeeMe is actually a tool helping to organize overwhelming presences.” It’s true.

Bringing It All Together

I knuckled down and gave some thought to where else I had memberships, prompted by the very helpful ‘Social Presence’ facility on the XeeMe site, which reminded me of plenty more places I had profiles. I spent a fruitful couple of hours adding and linking, uploaded some contacts, and connected with some of XeeMe’s top performers to see how they have managed to expand their presence.

I then joined a very supportive XeeMe power networker group on Facebook, where advice and co-operation are excellent, and found myself being tweeted and re-tweeted, followed, liked and all those things that demonstrate social media at its best.

Your Entire Social Presence

My social presence on XeeMe was tiny at the beginning of April, as you can see from the graph below.

Christine Miller XeeMe score graph

Since I have spent just a little time making connections, adding sites where I have a presence, now up to 37 listings, and have added my ‘XeeMe’ link – – to my email signatures, my Facebook ‘About’ section, and various other places, my score has rocketed from 23 on April 23rd,  to 630 today May 3rd.   I am now expanding my ‘Entire Social Presence’ link to other contact areas, something I am gradually working through to make it consistent, enabling people to find me more easily and decide where they want to interact with me.

Now I am starting to use engagement and true connection, with conversations and exchanges with people with whom I share interests, being more people focused than network focused, offering value and making it easy for people to truly ‘See me’. It’s fun and productive, and has seen subscriptions to my Business and Personal growth portal, Resource shoot up – I recommend XeeMe wholeheartedly, why not come and join the fun?

Please share your experiences of social networking and media, leave your comments below and tell me your thoughts and ideas.

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Getting a really raw deal….

….and loving it!

The Raw Food Revolution – My Experience

Last year after a long illness which depleted my immune system and left me tired and lethargic,  I decided to dramatically improve my health and fitness. Knowing I wanted a radical way of doing so I chose to follow a raw eating programme.  Quite a few people I spoke to were worried that I was going to be consuming raw meat, existing on sticks of celery and wondered how I’d manage.

It was finding a book called Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens that triggered me into taking action, and from this I devised my own programme which I followed  for three months. During this time I dropped over  two stone (28 pounds, 13 kilos) and within two weeks was feeling full of energy and brimming with life.

Carpe diem…..

They say you shouldn’t suddenly go completely raw, that you should do it in increments, but I’m a bit ‘gung ho’ when it comes to these things and I went from a fully fledged carnivore to raw vegan in one fell swoop – with no side effects or challenges other than a rapid detox that meant I needed to stay close to the bathroom for a few days, as I shed what seemed like gallons of water!

I followed the programme until I went to India, where it was more difficult to stay raw, and then when I came home and it was November and cold and dark, I found it harder to stay with it, and by Christmas had started eating meat again. I still yearned for the supremely energetic  and healthy way I felt on the raw plan, and recently decided to adopt it again, after I had another bout of the chest infection that laid me low for so long  in previous years.

Raw Radar

Because ”Raw’ had been on my radar for a couple of years,  I’d  been following some of the UK and US leading lights in the field. More about them in a later post…..

Someone who cropped up a few times, and who was referred to me by my friend Karin Ridgers, of Veggie Vision fame, was Russell James, aka The Raw Chef.

Recently, I met Russell for the first time, at one of his dinner party experiences.  We spent the day watching and helping Russell (well, a little bit!) prepare a mouthwatering lunch and dinner.

Christine Miller watches Raw Chef Russell James at work

Christine Miller watches Raw Chef Russell James at work

All the while he was explaining the whys and wherefores of creating top class raw food,  and the end results were astonishing. Really fabulous food prepared and served with style that would put many leading restaurants to shame….

Mouthwatering or what?

The pics will give you an idea of the mouthwatering treats we enjoyed, ranging from canapés to caramelised onion and tomato tarts to lasagne and what for me was the pièce de resistance… chocolate torte with ginger cream and strawberry sauce…you’d never know this was raw, non-dairy, non-wheat, gluten-free, no sugar, pure organic food packed with nourishment for the body and soul…..heaven.

Christine Miller from ReSource enjoys Russell James's canapes

Christine Miller from ReSource enjoys Russell James's canapes

ReSource loves Russell's Tomato and Onion Tart

ReSource loves Russell's Tomato and Onion Tart

Heaven on a plate - favourite raw dish so far

Heaven on a plate - favourite raw dish so far