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Christine Miller’s Writing Masterclass – Christine Miller

Resourceful Writing Masterclass

Resourceful Writing – release your inner writer

How to grow yourself, your business or your practice through resourceful writing

A Unique Masterclass
helping you connect to your natural writing abilities, creating an environment for you to really flow creatively and produce powerful expressions easily –
in shorter spaces of time.

Just Imagine …

… if you could access an inspired state of mind where your ideas, and the words to express them, simply flowed …


Think how great it would be if you could sit down for just 20 minutes and turn out an excellent piece of writing, like turning on a tap and a fresh, clear, lucid stream of expression emerges.

At our Resourceful Writing one day intensive Masterclass you can discover how to tap into your inner resources so you can effectively convey your meaning to others, and have greater clarity in understanding your own motivations and drivers.

  • Overcome your inner ‘gremlins’ that stop you writing

  • Get confident about your abilities and love your talents

  • Write for yourself to gain insights into your life and increase your awareness

  • Write compelling stories to attract clients, for your website and marketing

  • Improve your written communications in any aspect of your life

  • Deepen your personal or professional understanding of relationships

No matter what area you want to develop, the experience of Resourceful Writing can help; and, what’s more, along with our careful guidance,
you get to choose exactly which areas you concentrate on –

  • your business, 
  • your website, 
  • your personal growth, 
  • your creativity, 
  • your memoirs…or something else. 

This one day Masterclass is for people who use writing (or want to do so) in their lives and wish to increase their fluency and ability to write with ease. You won’t be receiving instruction in grammar, construction or technicalities, but you will be surprised and inspired by the natural skills and wealth of ideas that emerge when you tap into your fertile inner resources and your inherent abilities.

So that you experience a stimulating, creative space with plenty of individual attention and the opportunity to participate in inspiring ‘critical mass’, this masterclass is limited to 12 participants only.

Who Should Attend:

    • bloggers
    • authors
    • poets
    • copywriters
    • journalists
    • coaches
    • practitioners & therapists
    • marketers
    • business owners
    • consultants

What People Say:

Christine Miller has established herself as a “Poetic Writer” through her many articles and through her excellent Resource Magazine. Christine, your questions provoke many new thoughts and creative ideas, you are an ‘agent provocateur’ and in our conversations you are able to reach parts no-one else does. Tony Buzan, Inventor of Mind Maps, multi-million selling author of 120 books 

I like what you are doing with your magazine; I really admire people who take action and make things happen. Edward de Bono, multi-million selling author, creator of Lateral Thinking & Six Thinking Hats

I love what you did with my interview. I’m happy to work with you any time. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, Founder & CEO of Chicken Soup for the Soul Enterprises

Christine Miller is very mighty with the pen, a wordsmith and poetess, for sure!! William Whitecloud, best-selling Author of “The Magician’s Way” & “The Last Shaman”.

I spent an inspiring afternoon with Christine, and her magic for me is that her guidance appears effortless – to the point I felt that I was coming up with all these wonderful visions on my own. In fact, it was Christine’s caring and intuitive guidance gently taking me to a place I would never have reached without her. Richard Flewitt, BBC TV, & Business Video Producer, New Edge

Christine has not only quality in her work but every ounce of her being is designed to make human potential increase. Very few people have this gift. One in a million. Nigel Risner, CEO, Nigel Risner Speaker of the Year, Inspirational Speaker & Writer

I loved your article about me so much…… I feel your interview of ALL I ever did (maybe in my life) really GOT IT– who I am and why. Since then when we had the interview (in a very magical way) we found a funder, a wonderful Swiss guy, a business genius. Dr Candace Pert, million-selling author and biochemist

Christine has an extraordinary way with words. They reach deep inside of you and touch those thoughts you know are there but have been fearful of acknowledging. Having turned the key she opens the door and gives you the courage and tools to move forward… Christine shows us how we can put our special gifts and talents out into this world making it a better place for everyone.  Lindsay Hart, Consultant, Fundraiser, Strategist

I highly recommend you working with Christine and contracting her to assist you in making your brand and business more public … It is rare to come across someone who gives to others with so much understanding and compassion. Her excellence and attention to detail in everything that she does is admirable. Liz Chukwu, Director, Passion 4 Life

Christine Miller’s workshop was inventive, creative, fun, intimate, validating and insightful. Michael Mallows, Author, Coach, Trainer 

What’s Included: Coffee, tea, water, soft drinks and refreshments, delicious lunch, workbook and guide to writing creatively plus 20 minutes telephone coaching (value £155) to identify your areas for development

To Bring: Whatever you are most comfortable writing with or on, your open mind and enthusiasm

Dress: Comfortable, casual and appropriate for the season.

Duration: 10.00 – 16.30

Location:  London & SW France

Date: 2022 TBC

Host & Facilitator: Christine Miller MA FRSA FCPL

Cost: £475/€570


We have just TWO  ‘first come first served’ bursary places at £95/€115 for students, non-profits, charities or other special cases. 
Please apply HERE with ‘Writing Masterclass’ in the subject line and tell us about yourself, why you want to attend and how you will use your learning. 


About Christine


As a publisher, consultant, author, poet and editor of renowned ReSource Magazine, Christine has a wealth of practical experience both as a writer herself, and in guiding other writers to make their work the best it can be.

She has worked with top authors ranging from Deepak Chopra to Malcolm Gladwell, and with new writers who she has assisted in being published for the first time. Christine loves and knows writing inside out, from business articles and reports, to poetry to esoteric texts, and most things in between, and with a first degree in linguistics, she is no slouch on the technicalities of language use. She has successfully used reflective writing techniques for major research projects  and for self-development, achieving distinction and First Class Honours in her work.

She has judged poetry competitions and been resident poet for a TV channel, writing 100 poems in two days to support a Love Letter event for Valentine’s Day. Christine has been described as magical, graceful, inspiring, ‘a poet of her times’, and has delighted many of those she works with through her subtle ability to edit their words whilst retaining their unique style and meaning.
A brief selection of her writing is available HERE and at Soul Poet

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