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Resourceful State – Christine Miller

Resourceful State

Welcome to the Resourceful State!

Just imagine…

having the ability to access an empowering state of mind to call on whenever you wish, when you are under pressure, experiencing emotional challenges or considering life-changing decisions

The Resourceful State offers an innovative approach to therapy, personal development and self help utilising resourceful states of mind. It is a concept based on the idea that we can activate resourceful states of mind to enhance our self esteem and emotional intelligence.

Based on extensive research, and carefully developed and tested in her practice by Christine Miller, MA, these ideas and strategies will be useful to everyone whether they are working with clients or wanting to make changes in their own lives.

What is a Resourceful State of Mind? 

“A calm awareness, giving an ability to reflect before acting, an increase in choice in response to any situation in life, an acceptance of the validity of any emotions, combined with an acknowledgement of their appropriate expression at any given time—a combination of creative impulse and logical thought.” Christine Miller

Resourceful states of mind are based on an ability to reflect on and in action, to operate from a chosen response rather than an impulse, and to have an inner mental sanctum, a reserve of strength to draw on when needed. Being able to reconnect to a positive and powerful experience can give confidence and build self-esteem, empowering a person to believe in themselves and in their potential

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