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Christine Miller Coaching and Mentoring

Christine MillerResourceful Coaching & Mentoring with Christine Miller MA FRSA

With a varied and successful career across a variety of roles and sectors over 25 years, Christine Miller focuses mainly on developing leadership, personal growth and untapped potential in others.

A coach and mentor for twenty years, Christine has trained extensively through various disciplines in human potential, coaching, leadership development and psychology, including Solutions Focused, Transpersonal, NLP and Person-centred, ultimately developing her own Resourceful Intelligence (RQ) methodology and programmes through a two year Masters degree in Psychology which was awarded a distinction.

This variety and rigour means she can offer a comprehensive approach which covers any issues clients may have in their business and personal lives, and she is committed to and passionate about helping people achieve their true potential.

Her breadth of knowledge, experience and empathy enable her to carefully elicit and understand her clients’ needs. From there, she rapidly creates a fertile space of trust and caring where they explore their current state, future outcomes and essential actions for personal and professional growth and achievement of their desired goals.

As an entrepreneur, consultant and business owner, who has also spent time in the corporate environment heading large teams, Christine clearly sees the challenges facing executives and leaders in positions of great responsibility, and the pressures they experience. Her strategic thinking capabilities, creativity, compassion and vision lend powerful insights to the coaching and mentoring experience she offers.

She believes in the vital importance of effective communication, openness, authenticity, and in identifying values, meaning and purpose in life. This enables her clients to gain clarity, build better relationships, have greater engagement, and live in richer more fulfilled ways so that they can express their potential, love what they do,  and enjoy the successful and well-rounded lives they desire.

Christine acted as Principal of Erickson College in London for three years, bringing their Executive Coaching and Leadership Development programmes to the UK in 2004. She is currently working with the Centre for Progressive Leadership at City Business School, London, where she is a Fellow, on advancing the agenda for transforming 21st Century Leadership and Management.

Please contact Christine for an initial exploratory chat via the schedule or contact forms below. 

What People Say About Christine Miller

“Your questions provoke many new thoughts and creative ideas, you are an ‘agent provocateur’, and in our conversations you are able to reach parts no-one else does.”
Tony Buzan, Multi-million bestselling author of over 90 books, speaker and inventor of Mind Maps,  the world’s foremost expert on thinking visually, and a leading lecturer on the brain and learning.

I spent an inspiring afternoon with Christine, and her magic for me is that her guidance appears effortless – to the point I felt that I was coming up with all these wonderful visions on my own. In fact, it was Christine’s caring and intuitive guidance gently taking me to a place I would never have reached without her. Those who know Christine already will understand me when I say that with Christine’s help I have seen a realistic vision of my own future. Thanks Christine – and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.
Richard Flewitt, Business Video Producer, New Edge

Christine is seriously well connected to leading humans all over the world.
Hugely progressive individual: Well informed, insightful.
She listens with care and she offers wise words after deep thought.
I can’t recommend her enough.
Thomas Power , Chairman, Ecademy

I had a wonderful coaching experience with Christine.  She rapidly created a safe, trusting space with ease which felt very connected, from there anything was possible.  It was both a connection of spirit, almost beyond words and time, while also being very grounded, staying with real issues.  This allowed me to be able to access my knowing and find my own solutions.  It was a really spiritual experience and, in my experience, one that is all too rare!”
Tiffany Gaskell MBA CPCC, Executive Director, Performance Consultants International

Christine is a remarkable and effective communicator who is able within normal conversation to draw the very best of me out. Through the simple use of inquiry, gentle challenge and feedback, she proves to be incisive and directive towards my better understanding of self and situation. Each time we talk, work together or enjoy the other’s company, Christine always delivers the beauty of a well-trained intellect and systems aware thought process; she is one clever lady!
Benn Abdy-Collins, Medical Herbalist | Well-Being Facilitator | Mentor & Coach | Speaker | Facilitator | Writer

Thank you for your warmth and insight, your words brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to see what I can do to change the issues which have been haunting me for so long.
A.P., Coach, London

Over the past several months Christine and I have engaged in meaningful life and business related conversations.  Enlightening and inspirational, Christine’s style of coaching and mentoring is creative, intuitive and futuristic.  She is ethical, has integrity and respected by colleagues worldwide who seek her  wisdom and viewpoint. Christine’s understanding and knowledge of the intricacies in global business is exemplary. I highly recommend Christine Miller as a Mentor and Consultant.
Alana Mitchell, Mentor, Business, Life & Executive Coach, Consultant & Inspirational Speaker 

It’s scary having conversations with some people at some times, in part because of the subject and in part because of what you discover about yourself or your business. But it’s also highly enlightening to find someone who both appears to have capability, and actually can. What you will find when engaging Christine is an all-round ability, and one which will focus but which can move between her broad and diverse capabilities. We have never yet talked about the other side of her interests, but in business her people focused centre and base training, combined with practical business running experience and strategic insight, has brought me both personal and business value. I thoroughly recommend that if you think Christine might be able to help you or your business, that you pick-up the phone sooner rather than later – you will not be disappointed!
Ian R. McAllister, MBA, Recruiter and Professional CV Writer 

I’ve learned that I’m very important. I’m not just somebody who walks around everyday doing nothing. I’m really important. That as well.
K.M., 10 year-old coaching client

The time I spent with you was really valuable and useful – I’ve seen a lot of coaches and therapists, and what we did together was a real eye-opener for me – I learned a lot about myself.
K.A., Journalist & Broadcaster, London

In half an hour with you, I’ve moved further than I had in hours of therapy before, you have really made a huge difference.
M. P- B., teacher & bereavement counselling client, Kent

Thank you for helping me to break through, it was a truly profound experience, I have worked with a number of therapists, and never really got to the heart of what was holding me back.
Beverley J., coaching client, Hertfordshire

I left you feeling lighter and clearer, and the experience of dealing with the feelings about my childhood seemed to let me really be myself, maybe for the first time in 15 years.
Charles B., coaching client, London

Christine has not only quality in her work but every ounce of her being is designed to make human potential increase. Very few people have this gift.  One in a million.
Nigel Risner, CEO, Nigel Risner, Britain’s Top Motivational Speaker, Winning Business Magazine; Academy for Chief Executives Speaker of the Year

“Helping people to grow into their potential and have a balanced life is one of my major passions.
I always say, though, that only you, yourself, can choose to make the changes needed to achieve what you want.

I’m there to help and support, and if you come to work with me you learn quickly that you are the one in charge of your own life! That way YOU hold the power to be, do and have whatever you desire.”



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Strategic, Executive and Business Coaching

For professional and personal development.


Small Business Coaching and Training – The Resourceful Entrepreneur 

Designed to liberate the very best in you so you can become who you want to be in your business and life.
Based on Christine’s ‘Resourceful Entrepreneur’ book


Career Coaching – The Resourceful Candidate

For you if you want to start your career or change your job and find your ideal role but aren’t sure how.


Special Coaching Programmes for Children & Young People

Based on Christine’s extensive research and practice and featured in The Economist Guide to Coaching & Mentoring. (PDF) 

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