Christine Miller

  An accomplished, informative and entertaining public speaker, Christine has delivered over 500 workshops and talks to international audiences ranging from 20 to 2,000, on a range of topics within the personal and business growth subject area including:   The Changing Landscape of Conscious Leadership Empathy, Caring & … [Read More...]

Growing Edge


Getting the #Brexit ducks in a row - or not? A Facebook friend asked how we want our #Brexit today - boiled, fried, roasted ... my immediate thoughts were that it is to me, half-baked, par-boiled, and conversely, paradoxically, burnt and battered, leaving many of us bewildered, and anxious, whichever side of the divide we stand. This … [Read More...]

Ask Christine


  How to cope with the stress of student life Dear Christine, My daughter has revised hard and is expected to achieve excellent A-level grades. But over the past few weeks she has become increasingly worried and anxious about going away to university and what may be expected of her. This is a time when she should be looking forward to her … [Read More...]

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