Resourceful Entrepreneur

Are You a Resourceful Entrepreneur?

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As a successful entrepreneur, you know you need to be versatile, persistent and focused. You also need to be imaginative, quick witted and clear-thinking. You have to be able to orchestrate the mundane repetitive tasks that keep your show on the road – all the time keeping an eye on the bottom line – whilst retaining and developing your inspired vision for the future.



You also have to manage relationships with staff, customers, suppliers, investors, partners, media and any other stakeholders in your organisation (and beyond), keep up to date with what’s current in your sphere – and balance some time for personal relationships, family and leisure. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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“Let this book be part of YOUR journey; a perfect accompaniment for any entrepreneur – and one that sparks ideas and generates momentum.”
René Carayol, MBE, Britain’s Business Guru, Inspired Leaders Network

“It looks really fantastic – great job.
I love it – short, sweet and densely packed with no fluff and the essence of what entrepreneurs need.”

Tom Evans, Author of Blocks, Flavours of Thought and The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments