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ReSource Magazine

Founded in 2004ReSource is the quarterly paper based magazine from which grew Your Ultimate ReSource: It is much more than that, though – over a period of six years we nurtured ReSource to be “THE source of practical and inspiring knowledge for anyone who wants a more fulfilling life – business, personal, family” – and aimed it at the many people in today’s fast paced world challenged by information overload and the need to stay ahead in their field. Based in London, UK, and with a global reach, we gather and synthesize top notch information with breadth and depth to save time and money for SMEs, Sole traders,

Entrepreneurs, HR directors/managers, trainers and training managers, coaches, learning establishments, therapists and practitioners, and corporate executives all over the world.

ReSource is a supplier of premium knowledge for intelligent people who know their personal growth underpins all other aspects of their progress in life: the Ultimate ReSource for cutting edge information and practical ideas for a better, happier life.

ReSource’s identity stands for a passionate commitment to people and their potential, a trustworthy, high value, time saving source for developing and educating people through top quality, ‘growing edge’ knowledge and proven ideas that work from global experts and thought leaders. 

Resource offers a voice to developers, practitioners and researchers, experts in their fields, whose passion for potential creates effective, enlightening ideas presented in exclusive articles and features.
We welcome contributions from new authors as well as featuring some top international names ranging from
Bill Clinton t
o Paulo Coelho, from General Colin Powell to Sir Bob Geldof, and HH the Dalai Lama.

There is an emphasis on practical ideas and suggestions, combined with in-depth accounts of new concepts and methods, and inspiring real-life examples of what is achieving results.
Keeping up to date with these exciting, thought-provoking articles and features can help you with your career, your personal and family life and your education.

The principles remain the same, only the format has changed…

Visit us at www.yourultimateresource.com 

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