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What People Say About Christine Miller

“Your questions provoke many new thoughts and creative ideas, you are an ‘agent provocateur’, and in our conversations you are able to reach parts no-one else does.”

Tony Buzan, Multi-million bestselling author of over 90 books, speaker and inventor of Mind Maps,  the world’s foremost expert on thinking visually, and a leading lecturer on the brain and learning.

I spent an inspiring afternoon with Christine, and her magic for me is that her guidance appears effortless – to the point I felt that I was coming up with all these wonderful visions on my own. In fact, it was Christine’s caring and intuitive guidance gently taking me to a place I would never have reached without her. Those who know Christine already will understand me when I say that with Christine’s help I have seen a realistic vision of my own future. Thanks Christine – and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.
Richard Flewitt, Business Video Producer, New Edge

Christine is a wonderful and inspiring spirit, her natural gift to heal with her words and with her hands is tangible as you stand within her presence. I am delighted to know Christine and have safely shared my personal story with her. I highly recommend that you experience Christine’s beautiful and calming energy to create harmony in your life.
Pauline Crawford, Founder, Corporate Heart

In the presence of Christine you experience complete non-judgement, total understanding and compassion. And that was on my first meeting.
Christine exudes a soft, gentle energy, whilst at the same time being utterly wise, knowledgeable and knowing. It’s as if she can tap into and see your soul, and when she does, you know she accepts you just as you are.
Dr Lisa Turner, CEO, Psycademy

Christine is seriously well connected to leading humans all over the world.
Hugely progressive individual: Well informed, insightful.
She listens with care and she offers wise words after deep thought.
I can’t recommend her enough.
Thomas Power , Chairman, Ecademy

“We’re having a really lovely conversation here, I want to take more time, because what’s nice about this, is that it’s not an interview, it’s a real conversation and I know you’re really interested in these issues for your own life and work and that’s the way I feel… I love your spirit.”
Benjamin ZanderConductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, author of New York Times best-seller ‘The Art of Possibility’ and according to Tom Peters,‘the hottest property on the management guru circuit’.

“I had a wonderful coaching experience with Christine.  She rapidly created a safe, trusting space with ease which felt very connected, from there anything was possible.  It was both a connection of spirit, almost beyond words and time, while also being very grounded, staying with real issues.  This allowed me to be able to access my knowing and find my own solutions.  It was a really spiritual experience and, in my experience, one that is all too rare!”
Tiffany Gaskell MBA CPCC, Executive Director, Performance Consultants International

“Christine is a highly motivated, compassionate lady with a rare vision for personal development in publishing. She brings an articulate and beautiful quality to her interviews, placing her interviewee’s needs first and works towards a collaborative and harmonious conclusion.

I highly recommend you working with Christine and contracting her to assist you in making your brand and business more public through her wonderful Publication “ReSource”.  It is rare to come across someone who gives to others with so much understanding and compassion. Her excellence and attention to detail in everything that she does is admirable.”
Liz Chukwu, Director, Passion 4 Life

“A lot came out of our time together for me. I feel happier now, more in control and confident that I will be able to gauge what might be happening as my nervousness interferes with the receptivity. Our session also acknowledged the areas of my life that I am happy with and how the route I seem to be taking – which is experimental – seems to be right. This is helping me get more confident at interacting with all sorts of people and developing these skills. On a deeper level something within me was shifted and I was touched by your sensitivity and intuition, as you were spot on with the sense that you had from me. Yet I hadn’t realised how much this pain was driving me. I felt very calm with you and afterwards very clear throughout my system.”
M.G.,Coaching Client, Trainer  & Counsellor, Berkshire

“Thank you for your warmth and insight, your words brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to see what I can do to change the issues which have been haunting me for so long.”
A.P., Coach, London

“I’ve learned that I’m very important. I’m not just somebody who walks around everyday doing nothing. I’m really important. That as well.”
K.M., 10 year-old coaching client

The time I spent with you was really valuable and useful – I’ve seen a lot of therapists, and what we did together was a real eye-opener for me – I learned a lot about myself.
K.A., Journalist & Broadcaster, London

In half an hour with you, I’ve moved further than I had in hours of therapy before, you have really made a huge difference.
M. P- B., teacher & bereavement counselling client, Kent

Thank you for helping me to break through, it was a truly profound experience, I have worked with a number of therapists, and never really got to the heart of what was holding me back.
Beverley J., coaching client, Hertfordshire

I left you feeling lighter and clearer, and the experience of dealing with the feelings about my childhood seemed to let me really be myself, maybe for the first time in 15 years.
Charles B., coaching client, London

“Christine has not only quality in her work but every ounce of her being is designed to make human potential increase. Very few people have this gift.  One in a million.”
Nigel Risner, CEO, Nigel Risner

“I have had the privilege of knowing Christine for some time, and I have been very blessed to hear her speak, to share her warm and heartfelt, powerful poetry, and to read her marvellous words in her world-class professional magazine. Not only well connected but someone who leads with her heart and soul first. The word inspirational is over-used, but is entirely apposite here. Thank you for being a friend. aloha nui loa (as they say in Hawaii)”
Gary Plunkett, Business Coach, Former RBS Manager 


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