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Christine Miller

This website is a portfolio of  my interests and activities, offering an overview of my working life. The Growing Edge Blog covers people I meet, my thoughts and reflections, poetry, writing, events and random life emerging.

As the Founder Editor of ReSource Magazine, (described by Tony Buzan, Jack Canfield and others as a ‘Visionary’), and a social entrepreneur, speaker and poet, I am privileged to share thoughts and ideas with many world leaders in the fields of social networking, entrepreneurship, business and personal growth, spirituality and emotional development. I am dedicated to growth and potential, to Kaizen principles, to global community, and through all my activities, from executive coaching and mentoring to training and writing, to the development of the ultimate human resource, the whole person as the essential factor in creating beneficial change.

I’ve had a lot of change in my life – some great and good, some not so welcome, with a range of losses, scares, sadness, disappointments and mistakes, but all embraced with gratitude; I’ve certainly learned a lot and continue to feel blessed by the abundant love, happiness, beauty and joy I’m experiencing along the way.

Great thinkers through the ages have known that it is not circumstances in themselves which are the source of mankind’s distress, but the perspective mankind takes of them.
I agree with the words of Stoic philosopher Epictetus, writing in 200AD, who says in his Discourses;

‘men are not disturbed by things but by the view they take of them’.

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