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Work as Play

Work as Play – The Heart and Spirit of Business

work as play christine miller It seems that increasing numbers of us are looking for different ways to live in a more balanced and fulfilling way, so that we feel connected with our work.

At the heart of this is the growing desire to have a sense of purpose and a yearning for meaning in how we spend our time and make our living. We want to feel the spirit of what we do – to be inspired.

People who have been working in organisations for many years are now being asked to re-apply for their jobs, unable to take them for granted any more and having to market themselves as the best candidates. This means they are in effect becoming more entrepreneurial in their approach to their positions. And those entering or rejoining the job market need to be very clear and precise about what they offer and how they fit with prospective employers, both for their own sake in finding satisfying work, and in order to attract a suitable opportunity. (See:
The ReSourceful Candidate)

Entrepreneurs, the self-employed, creatives and small business owners already know the importance of  this, but sometimes, running a business or being a freelance feels more like a job that ties you down than an uplifting experience of creativity, wealth and fulfillment. And the dream you started out with becomes a drudgery that leaves you working longer and longer hours just to stand still.
I had my most recent experience as an employee in the corporate world over 11 years ago now, and friends and colleagues who’ve known me for years (and even some who haven’t known me for long!) comment on the way I’ve crafted what is essentially the perfect job for me – meeting people and asking them about their current thinking and passions, guiding, coaching and mentoring executives, leaders and business people into the best options for them so that they LOVE what they do, writing, being creative, being playful – and having lots of fun.
Most of the time, I can’t distinguish whether I’m working or playing, so that my work becomes play for me…that’s a great joy. It didn’t happen by accident – I did actually deliberately create and craft the ‘playground’ (otherwise known as workspaces!)  in which I operate, and it is a highly productive space. And it evolves all the time, as I develop and learn and share with clients in workshops and individual sessions.
Find out more about loving work at www.loveworks.co 

Workshops, Training & Talks


Christine MillerAn accomplished, informative and entertaining public speaker, Christine has delivered over 500 workshops and talks to international audiences ranging from 20 to 2,000, on a range of topics within the personal and business growth subject area including:


  • The Changing Landscape of Conscious Leadership
  • Empathy, Caring & Compassion in Organisations
  • Love at Work – the impact on performance and profit
  • Leading with Meaning and Purpose  – why Love counts 
  • Values Based Leadership
  • The Stakeholder Model of Employee Engagement 
  • Courageous Leadership for Successful Organisations
  • Leadership for Inclusive Capitalism 
  • The Power of Love in the Boardroom
  • The Hidden Language of Leadership
  • How to Develop a Resourceful Mind
  • Resourceful Intelligence – beyond EQ
  • The Power of Thought
  • Understanding the Human Brain
  • Breakthrough to Success
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Presentation Skills
  • Time Management
  • Communication in Action
  • How to Deliver Bad News
  • Managing Your State of Mind
  • Creating Your Personal Welfare State
  • Handling Difficult People and Situations
  • Transforming Teams
  • Being a Resourceful Candidate
  • How to be a Resourceful Entrepreneur

Christine offers the following work and playshops:

  • Conscious Leadership
  • Masques and Roles™
  • Resourceful State™
  • Rewriting the Script™
  • The Resourceful Candidate
  • The Resourceful Entrepreneur

These are seminars and workshops in growth and development, and she also offers training for others in the coaching processes and techniques she has developed.

Her workshop “The Creative State” facilitates the release of creative energies allowing participants to bring through heartfelt messages from the soul for personal, corporate and global transformation.


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